What questions should any hiring organization ask itself time and again ?

"Is our hiring process in sync with the times?"
"Is there any scope for improvement in our hiring process?"
"Are we utilizing reference checking to make good hiring decisions?"
"How can we be sure when hiring the best suited candidate for a critical role ?"

A good hire generates substantial profits for the hiring company while a wrong hire can prove expensive or even detrimental to the organizations’s goals. Our mission at OnReference is to provide a simple and cost effective reference checking solution to this critical process. We provide an online application for organizations to hire best suited candidates and contractors leveraging the power of online references. It is cost effective, simple to use, customizable, fully online and highly efficient. It can be used by organizations of all sizes, startups, SMEs or large companies to gauge the suitability of candidates for hiring. The report generated gives a clear idea to the hiring manager on the strengths and weaknesses a candidate possesses, thereby enabling the organization to hire the best suited employees and contractors and save time and money while making accurate decisions. The entire process from starting a reference check on a candidate is fully automated right from the employer starting the reference checkup for the candidate, the candidate inviting or sending reminders to the references, the references responding to the questionnaire and report generation. The summary scores along with the commentary and detailed graphs shown on the report can support a well informed hiring decision.

For a limited time, the first checkup including the pdf report is completely free.

"A mission and purpose are critical. Then.. How we are gonna get there ? And that's a set of behaviours. You pick 5 or 6 that you need to drive that and you evaluate people on one axis on behaviors and one axis on numbers.
You've got to have the values and the numbers."

Jack Welch - hiring talented people

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