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One of the significant consequence of the pandemic is the acceleration of business transformation. The adoption of technology was already in place prior to the pandemic. However the pandemic is bringing about rapid change in the business landscape by forcing usage of technology in a more ubiquitous manner to support ways of doing business with minimal in-person contact. The hiring of employees by companies is one such area which is undergoing a drastic change. In order to support companies in the covid era, OnReference is providing the technology to utilize online reference checks to make hiring effective and simple. By providing fully online and simple process to identify suitable candidates for hiring, OnReference is helping organizations apply technology effectively. Furthermore, the network of candidates and their co-workers is leveraged to provide the shortlist of prospective candidates as a potential future hires. Employers can start reference checks on prospective candidates at Registration for Organizations Individuals too can initiate the process of self-reference check by registering at Registration for Individuals and within a short time share the reports generated with prospective employers for free.
OnReference.com leverages Collective Intelligence from past and current colleagues, customers and supervisors for Talent Management.
Based out of India, our mission is to bring about efficiencies in the talent management space across the global industry.

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